How to Wear Blouses At Work: Creating The Right Impression


Women in the corporate world want to appear confident and firm but stylish. Teachers want to stay in touch with the world their students move in and appear approachable. Lawyers need all focus to be on the content of what they are saying, not their personalities. That’s why there is no such thing as a single outfit that always works for women at work. A sharp suit might have been the right ensemble for a woman to wear at one time and sometimes it still is, but you have to choose your occasion.

Big Events and Blouses for Women

Board meetings and presentations in front of shareholders or major clients are important events in the corporate world. Women need to reflect a commanding and reliable side. This could be the time to wear a silk blouse by Chanel or some other designer label underneath a skirt or pants suit in charcoal, navy blue, or black. Stick with high-end garments at this point because this says something about how much you value quality in your own work and that of others. You have high expectations and are dependable.

Staff Meetings and Visits to the Shop Floor

Executives don’t need to flaunt their wealth and status by sporting couture clothing and accessories when they mingle with employees. Their confident ways will be suggestive of success. This is the time when button up shirts for women are far more appropriate than silk blouses made from elegant fabrics; even a good time for a pair of jeans if they are in good shape and pressed. Add heels for flair.

Consider the Audience

Bright colors can make a big statement, but which one? Does a purple shirt tell viewers the wearer is bold or just an attention seeker? That depends on the shade of purple, the cut of a shirt or skirt, and who is wearing it. Your coloring contributes to the success of a look. Breaking away from neutral shades can show you have backbone and a positive attitude but consider mounting only a minor coup against the mainstream. Choose a single item such as a belt, scarf, or a pair of shoes to express a fresh outlook. Work this stylishly into your outfit.

Sex Doesn’t Sell Success

Sexy dresses and plunging blouses for women just draw attention to cleavage and flesh. They tell others that this person cannot be taken seriously. Even a silk blouse is bad news if it is too tight or if it is sheer and a bra can be seen underneath. Always convey professionalism and respect for others. Show people you want them to care about your brains, not your bra.

Lighten Up

It’s not necessarily a good thing to go all the way over to the frosty side, though. Some button up shirts for women cover the neck entirely. Paired with a heavy jacket, long skirt, and thick shoes they say “this woman is out of touch.” A severe audience appreciates a severe lack of style, but a woman rarely expects to be in this position. If you want to be conservative, do it with panache. Select designer clothes. Choose a classy but modern cut. Show you are up to date. Consider blending a conservative coat and blouse with casual pants if the industry you work in serves a young audience. Many companies encourage employees to dress neatly but casually in the style of customers and clients.

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